If you or a loved one has been injured, maimed or killed, suddenly you must deal with issues related to:

1) missing time from work
2) procuring proper medical care
3) best accessing your own health, automobile, disability, life and other insurance
4) dealing with the wrongdoer and their insurance company, and
5) requests for recorded statements and other information, which will only be used against you .

The following questions and answers will help you to choose the right attorney. We will tell you our procedure at JIO Law.

How much are attorney’s fees?
            Attorney’s typically charge a contingency fee between 25% and 50%. The usual fee is 1/3 of the amount recovered.   
JIO Law charges a 1/3 contingency fee on ALL cases.

What is a contingency fee?
            A contingency fees means you owe nothing unless you receive monies from a settlement, an arbitration award, or a jury verdict.
JIO Law only charges contingency fees and we do not charge a fee unless we get money for you.

Does the fee increase if the case goes to arbitration or court?
            Oftentimes, attorneys will increase the percentage on their contingency fee if the case goes to arbitration or trial.
JIO Law believes that a 1/3 contingency fee is fair. We do not increase the fee if the case goes to arbitration or trial. 

Are there additional charges?
            Attorneys can also charge for costs of copying and faxing, long distance phone calls, postage, deliveries, and outside legal research. 
JIO Law does not charge these add-on expenses. 

When should the amount of attorney’s fees and additional charges be put in writing?
JIO Law always gives you a written agreement, clearly setting forth the terms of representation and agreed amount of compensation when we first accept the case.

Does the attorney, in any situation, ever take more money than the client receives?
            Different lawyers have different policies on this.
JIO Law never takes more in attorney’s fees than the client receives.

In automobile accident cases, will the attorney present a medical payment claim on behalf of the client without charging an additional fee?
            Some attorneys charge an additional fee. 
JIO Law never charges for filing medical payment claims for you.

Will the attorney assist the client with their claim for total loss of their vehicle without charging an additional fee?
            Some attorneys do not consider this part of their service and either won’t assist, or will charge a fee to assist. 
JIO Law does not charge for this.

Does the attorney always meet with the client at the initial interview?
At JIO Law, you will meet with chief Attorney Jeff Ostreicher at the initial interview.

Who will be handling my case at JIO Law?
JIO Law will have at least one paralegal and Mr. Ostreicher work on all cases.

Does the client know exactly who is working on their case at all times?
At JIO Law, the client will meet everyone on their team at the beginning.

Sometimes attorneys are known for being non-responsive to clients. Should I be able to reach my attorney whenever I need to including after hours and on the weekend?
JIO Law’s policy is to return telephone calls and emails within 24 hours of the client contacting the office.

Does the client have a right to receive copies of any important documents related to the case?

Does the attorney respect the ethical rule that forbids them from making initial contact with a prospective client or soliciting prospective clients? (That means the attorney cannot call you first).
JIO Law does not solicit prospective clients. All of our clients come to us by word-of- mouth referral.

For how many years has the attorney been involved in the exclusive representation of injured victims?
Jeffrey I. Ostreicher has been exclusively representing injured victims for the past 30 years.

Does the attorney specialize in handling personal injury, wrongful death, and other insurance cases? What percentage of their cases fall into this category?
JIO Law exclusively represents victims in these cases. We do not handle other cases.

Has the attorney received accreditation as an Arizona State Bar certified specialist in personal injury and wrongful death litigation and is this certification up to date?
JIO Law: Yes.

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